Clothes and Accessories Which The Celebs Are Drooling Over

The ideal way of checking whether something is stylish or not is seeing if celebrities are wearing it. Social media has contributed to it more than ever, they dominate our wardrobes. We cannot become famous but we can at least dress like them. Below are some trendy items by some of the biggest stars:

Clothes and Accessories Which The Celebs Are Drooling Over Blog 1


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Aviator sunglasses

Celebs like Kendall & Kylie Jenner, Ben Affleck, Nicole Kidman, Britney Spears, Gigi Hadid are all about aviator sunglasses. It has been revamped into many styles from the classic one like floating Nose Bridge, flat top, double metal bar and the navigator. With these variations, it is tough to get bored with style. It goes above with age and style. With tear-shaped eye lens, you can look timeless.

Active Wear

In Los Angeles, active wear is everywhere. Examining your own butt in leggings is magical. Just skip the gym and add the spandex. Celebrities are comfortable in this style. “Actresses” jobs are to look good and toned. They have to work out and can change clothing two to three times in a week.

Denim jumpsuits

Clothes and Accessories Which The Celebs Are Drooling Over Blog 2

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Currently, the denim jumpsuit is the biggest hit with celebs this season. It is one of the most famous styles with ladies which also work as a fresh retro chic silhouette in stretch denim. A casual line in this is also there. Some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Madonna, Eva Longoria and Mila Jovovich. But if you don’t have a good budget, you can jump on the denim jumpsuit trend. Stores including Gap, Macy’s and The Alloy have less costly choices.

The Cold Shoulder

The cold shoulder is like an extension of cut outs and has grasped a popular image several seasons ago. Skin is shown in a minimal sexy manner. Started with cutout, then little peek of skins to the mid-drift and open back, etc. this style is creeping up in dresses, rompers and tops which go easily from a day look to an evening look. Several A-list actors have been spotted wearing cold shoulder dresses like Kourtney Kardashian, Rita Ora & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Clothes and Accessories Which The Celebs Are Drooling Over Blog 3

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Kaftans are comfortable and booming with celebs like Beyoncé, Jessica Alba and Rachel Zoe. The only trick is to find out the one that fits properly and pair it with right accessories. If you are height, you can choose voluminous one cause it will drape properly. If you are curvy, it can be a great camouflage and if you are skinny, choose the one who doesn’t have an excess amount of fabric. Big and bold jewellery makes kaftans come to life.

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