Top Helpful Hacks When Feel Stuck In Fashion

Life is busier than ever before now and no matter how much we try for time-saving tips to integrate into our routine, we find it unable to do. We try to run from school drop off to the office and then to the function in evening. While we get dressed each morning in the outfit which carries us from morning to evening, we are likely to get stuck in the catastrophe of fashion, a zipper that is stuck or stains of Greece or food on the clothes. Below are some of the hacks for fashion disaster:-

  1. Stuck Zip

It’s no joke; you can be trapped in a dress. There are times when you find that the zipper is twisted. Instead of finding something else to wear, use your child’s art supply. Rub a crayon on it or you can use a candle. The wax acts as a lubricant and helps unstick the zipper.

Top Helpful Hacks when Feel Stuck in Fashion Blog 1

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  1. Fitting into those Heels

High heels are ideal for long legs illusion. It is painful to wear it for long hours. Stretching those for a perfect fit is advisable. Place a tightly closed plastic bag of water into the shoes and freeze them overnight. When it turns into ice, the shoes are expanded and stretched. For at once fix, place thick socks and squeeze them into the shoes and then blow dry it on the spots where it needs fixing.

  1. Radiant shoes

Finding dull or scuffed shoes are a total setback. For canvas or cotton fabric shoes, a stain removal pen works great. For suede like materials, use a toothbrush and for a smooth surface, use a soft cloth. Otherwise just take a wash rag and dip it into vinegar and rub gently to remove all the stains.

Top Helpful Hacks when Feel Stuck in Fashion Blog 2

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  1. Spills and Stains

Coffee slips over the shirts and at the pants fronts don’t get you a chance to change if you don’t have a spare outfit at the office. Wear prints that are darker in colour so that it won’t show in the first place. Otherwise, stain removal depends on the type of fabric and stain. Stain removal pens work fine, else cover it up with a scarf or a sweater.

  1. Hair Problem

Wind, rain, humidity and heat all create havoc on the perfect look of the morning. A chic ponytail at the neck base is an easy way to tame the hair and keep it out of your face. Pull a couple of loose strands and dress them with a shiny accessory like hair cuff. For greasy hairs, after workout or humidity, light sleek bun, regular braids, messy bun or high ponytail works well. Sprinkle some dry shampoo in the hair; they will absorb excess oil and moisture.

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